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thanks to FGO I now charge my phone every night :(

if only nvidia didn't decide to cheap out by not having dvi-dl (屮゜Д゜)屮

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looks like msi gt1030 fanless is coming here after all

TIL "tycoon" originated from Japanese word "taikun/大君"

finally done moving camo. Next is merging tls terminator with actual web server...

finally cleared 1000+ unread rss/twitter items

or maybe I should finish up the other migration first... damn it me stop procrastinating

really need to move my site before I fill up current host's disk...

Finished smart test without errors, now I have five 250GB HDDs. Most of my SSDs are already larger than that. Can use suggestion on what to use them for =|

vibration of 4x 7200rpm HDDs sure isn't fun

checked its reddit thread just to find out it's filled up with LN spoilers =[

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for some reason Yousitsu feels a bit like Oregairu? Just more on the rough side?

The weird thing when wd purple is the cheapest tler-enabled drive here

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