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Starbucks closed their indoor seating. I thought this was freedom land! Desantis needs to protect the free market by making them let me sit inside.

They did have a fun sign, though.

that was a nice uneventful mastodon upgrade

lol so mastodon streaming server has been broken for me for a while

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It wouldn't be a true vacation without getting off the plane and discovering my mail server rebooted unexpectedly and failed to fsck.
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Other people take vacations. I run emergency preparedness live testing drills.
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Can't create an Epic Games store account because they think my email isn't real. More like epic fail, haha harhar.

(No + or anything fancy, literally just Apparently in the new world order only gmail users are human.)

that was one painless upgrade to mastodon 3

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man bash | sed 's/./&\n/g' | awk -v mx=$COLUMNS -v my=$LINES 'BEGIN{x=y=e=f=1}{if(x==mx||!x){e*=-1};if(y==my||!y){f*=-1};x+=e;y+=f;printf "\033[%s;%sH%s",y,x,$1;for (a=0;a<400000;a++){}}' # Print the bash man page in diagonal lines across the screen.

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forgot to rebuild gems after upgrading system packages =)

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Nerd snipe 

@ed1conf @farrokhi

An image with only: /bin/ed, /lib/, and /tmp.
Comes out to 640kB, which should be enough for anybody.

FROM alpine AS builder
RUN apk add ed

FROM scratch
COPY --from=builder /tmp /tmp
COPY --from=builder /lib/ /lib/
COPY --from=builder /bin/ed /bin/
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/ed"]

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There's some good commentary here about policy and regulation, and a sort of blind spot regarding new laws. The gist of it is Facebook did a bad thing, surely that's illegal, so let's punish them via big fines, etc. But we're not going to write a new law to forbid the bad stuff because that would be to admit it wasn't illegal the first time. In a way, we handicap our efforts to criminalize bad behavior because we can't stand the idea that bad people might get a free pass. And so, Facebook gets to negotiate its punishment because if it's too heavy, they'll go to court and argue the bad stuff was never illegal. Spoiler alert: nobody wins, but everybody gets to put out a press release declaring their satisfaction resolving the matter.

@valerauko not sure which timestamp you're intending to tell but the description says

>On August 15, 2018 GitHub was deployed to production running Rails 5.2

@valerauko and they seem to be following edge closely now

>This may well also be the best exercised release candidate in the history of Rails! The team at Basecamp, Shopify, and GitHub are all running either rc1 or just-about in production

@valerauko may want to update your data a bit as they upgraded to 5.2 last year.

@valerauko I barely remember times I wished my phone is waterproof.

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