oh, windows 10 has finally gotten utc bios clock support it seems

why does double clicking folder on explorer folder tree sometimes jump the scroll position 😦

amazingly I only finally figured it out recently after years seeing this weird effect

it's been many years since I last used `wget -b`

I just realized I forgot to reconfig bios after reset and the motherboard has been puking rainbows this whole time 🙃

apparently they used to allow a lot more cards up until 2020...

welp, I guess no nanaco anymore for me. I only use it for printing anyway (so I don't need to deal with coins)


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am I understanding it right; to be able to register for nanaco account, I need to wait 10 days after registering for nanaco wallet android app. And then after registering, I need to wait another 5 days to be able to add credit card for charging the wallet ಠ_ಠ

and then reading the website, there's part where it says credit card charging for android is only possible with seven card...

well fuck this shit (ノ゚ ヮ゚)ノ︵ ┻━┻

same maker, same function, two different apps. what the hell 😐

very helpful of google maps, translating review written in Indonesian to Indonesian 🙃

two cybiko references in xkcd in span of a week

two of my hdds are dying 😦

I guess it'll be wd80eazz time soon

or is it 16TB hdd time? 🤔...eh maybe not yet. 50k (ironwolf 16TB) is over three times wd80eazz

出汁 is read as "dashi"
出し汁 is read as "dashijiru"

wat 🤔

huh TIL 長い has alternate form of 永い

although technically I should already know it from 末永く, it just I didn't connect the dots

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